Our Services

Volaray Capital Partners is an atypical private equity, investment, and advisory firm. One of our primary differentiators is that we focus solely on investment opportunities in Africa and the United States. In addition, we combine leading research with expert practice. We employ leading scholars based in the United States with deep expertise in African political and economic policy.  We also have a team of knowledgeable and influential professionals on the ground in most African countries.

Our approach is either laser or a hybrid of the following core services:

  • Private Equity
  • Capital Investments – minority/controlling
  • Advisory Services
  • Partnering with large retailers/major franchisors seeking intercontinental exposure

With our deep knowledge of Africa and strategic relationships with its people, we help our clients and partners maximize returns on capital by providing political assessments, economic assessments, competitor analyses, and insight on the economic and political landscape.

Global thoughts. Local flavor.

We provide valuable information on local cultures and rare insights to give our clients and partners a firm grasp on demographic trends and the legal and regulatory framework. We also facilitate calendar access to initiate dialogue with government officials, lobbyists, and business leaders.

We focus our time and resources on the following two main areas:

Equity and Investments

  • The Volaray Capital Partners may acquire controlling stakes in any project. If deemed advantageous, our stake may exceed 50 percent on some deals. Our target is to obtain double-digit returns on our investments.
  • The Volaray Capital Partners invest in both listed and unlisted African and US businesses that clearly demonstrate or show promise of high management talent, quality experience of senior staff, and elevated motivation. These attributes – talent, experience, dedication, and motivation — will be expected at companies we pitch, not only at the senior staff level but company-wide.
  • We seek companies that can show

(a) signs of growth opportunities -organic/acquisitions,

(b) encouraging cash flow trends, and

(c) above-average returns on invested capital.

  • Few deals are too large for us to handle. When such a truly huge deal presents itself, we switch stance quickly and become unfunded sponsors. In an unfunded-sponsor transaction, we raise capital by deploying our contact network– including fund-of-funds.

Partnership Advisory

Our advisory unit focuses on five main areas:

  • Pure Business Advisory Services
  • Contract Product Merchandising
  • Engagement Service Delivery
  • Partnering with large retailers/major franchisors seeking intercontinental exposure
  • M&A advisory services

We look for the following when we research potential acquisitions: ability to generate cash, a stable and strong management team, growth potential, the ability to create value, and a well-thought-out exit strategy.

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